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Inspired by the diverse cultures settled throughout the Rainbow Nation, South African culinary influences include the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, India, and the surrounding African landscape. Peli Peli celebrates our signature steak, chicken, and seafood fare with the renowned international history of this exceptional region.


Warm Spice Cake à La Mode

The Queen of England’s favorite and Peli Peli’s wildly famous dessert, our sticky toffee ‘pudding’ is a warm, delicious spice cake, softly infused with the flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, and date.

Topped with seasonal berries and a light toffee drizzle, and served a la mode with vanilla bean ice cream, our noteworthy signature dessert is one you don’t want to skip.


Vanilla Custard Tart

Our milk tart is an ‘all-together’ recipe of warm vanilla nutmeg custard tucked in a sweet, house-made graham cracker pastry, and topped with sticky toffee, caramelized sugar, and honeycomb.


Developed from the Dutch mattentaart, this dessert is a sweet, beloved staple in South African church fêtes and traditional home industries.


Pan-Seared Perfection

A hearty and delicate white fish from the pink-tinged cusk eel family, Kingklip is a very popular choice in fine dining along the South African coastline, as well as endemic to the entire Southern Hemisphere.


Low in fat and high in nutrition, the ‘Rock King’ fish is selectively wild-caught, and served in very few exclusive restaurants in America. Lean, firm, and pan-seared to perfection, our Kingklip is beautifully flaky and mildly sweet.


East-West Fusion

This hearty, eastern-born large fare entrée is enhanced with a mixture of fresh heirloom tomatoes and red onion, and flavored with toasted coconut and delicately sweet mango chutney.


A crisp topping of lightly fried chicken skin garnishes this abundantly layered dish with a surprising dollop of texture and character.


Portuguese Meat Skewers

The Portuguese forerunner of the Brazilian churrasco, our famous Espetada is much more than meaty. Marinated, skewer-grilled fillet medallions or seasoned chicken chunks drip mouthwateringly from a stainless steel skewer stand, ready for dipping in one of our seven delicious signature sauces.


This revamped, chef-inspired dish is a must-try for date-nights and Peli Peli first-timers.


Sweet Piquanté Peppers

With the glossy face of a cherry tomato and the soul of a sweet red pepper, this grape-sized delight was first officially discovered and pickled in South Africa in the mid-1990s.


Brined to a sweet-and-sour flavor with a mild shot of heat, this close competitor of the cherry pepper is delightfully sweeter and very nutritious. Newcomers will love this unique little staple of South African cuisine.

Be sure to ask for our off-menu favorite: cream cheese-stuffed peppadews.


Savory Curry Rolls

This crisp, Indian-inspired spring roll is one of our favored hors d’oeuvres at Peli Peli.

Handcrafted with curried minced lamb and a savory filling, and presented in tantalizing,

open-faced slices with delicate house-made dipping sauces, our South African samoosa is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


Gourmet Beef Jerky

A native favorite, biltong originated in South Africa as wild game jerky preserved throughout the harsh Highveld winters from a variety of seasonally available meats. Evolved

from Dutch wagoner stock, the finest cuts of this transportable snack are marinated in vinegar, spices and salt, and cut into stokkies (little sticks) for noshing.


A rare treat in America, biltong is a jerky-lover’s delight, requested by 9 out of 10 South African guests who visit Peli Peli.


Beef Farmer's Sausage

Traditionally braaied or chargrilled, this Boer's (Farmer’s) sausage is a singular South African jouissance. Just before grilling, the braai chef savors a morsel of the uncooked wors, and extends a taste of the delicacy to those within arm’s reach.


The boerie roll, or traditional South African hotdog, is a juicy link tucked in a warm, thick handmade bun.


Our signature boerewors is 100% beef, with no fillers, in a light pork casing.


Savory Shepherd's Pie

Each satisfying layer of this exceptional dish highlights the essence of four distinct countries: Indian curry, carrot bredie from the Netherlands, a French pastry crust, and sweet mango chutney from Britain. Delicious from bottom to top, the best way to enjoy this sweet-and-savory confection is one multilayered spoonful at a time.

Accolades: Grand Champion of the elite 2013 Woodlands Wine & Food Week!


Beef Bunny Chow

The Short Rib Bania or ‘Bunny’ Chow, is South African history in a bread bowl.
Created and sold by Indian merchants, or banias, this hearty meal originated as curried meats in hollowed-out bread loaves. Popular as a street dish, it was fondly dubbed 'bunny chow' as local slang for literally, bania food.
Our version of this quintessential South African indulgence is filled with fork-tender, beer-braised beef short ribs.