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Up and coming on the vintage horizon, South African winemakers are well on the rise. Cape wines date historically from 1659 Cape Town, born and first bottled by the city’s founding father,

Dutchman Jan Van Riebeeck. Its varietal landscapes, famously mild, bicoastal climate, and the

sheer resplendence of South African wine estates have lent a growing credence to this

incredible region within the global wine industry.

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A premium niche of sparkling wines, South African Cap Classique sparklers are aerated in the same fashion as classic champagne. Vitalized by a growing number of producers, this method is distinguished from other ways of getting the bubbly in the bottle by the official Cap Classique label.


Simonsig Wine Estate in Stellenbosch was the first South African winery to cultivate all three traditional Champagne grapes, as well as release the first traditional-method sparkler in 1971.


South Africa’s Graham Beck Brut Rosé

Grand Champion Best of Show

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2019 Rodeo Uncorked!

International Wine Competition


Alternatively named for its two infused cultures, this varietal red resonates with ripe blackberry

and blueberry, fused with a rich, Old World timbre. With peppery notes and a nod to the meaty flavors of the traditional French make, Peli Peli recommends Swartland Syrahs comparable to those from the famous Rhone Valley.

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The Ultimate Guide to South African Red Wines


Representing 18% of South Africa’s total acreage under vine, the prized Chenin Blanc is the region’s most widely planted wine grape. Known for centuries among South African winemakers as Steen, it was discovered in the 1960s to be the very same Chenin Blanc grape that made the French Vouvray and Savennières famous. Our guests who love Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc should relish the elegant nose and palate of this exquisite floral grape.

Peli Peli recommends:

Chenin Blanc Struts Its Stuff

Stellenbosch Hills Chenin Blanc | Medium-bodied and crisp with notes of melon and lychee


A hybrid of Pinot noir and Cinsaut, Pinotage is the second most prolific red grape and signature of the South African wine scene. Its scarcity elsewhere makes this a rare pleasure for even seasoned connoisseurs, and a vital wine to well-rounded tasters.


Exemplary Pinotages marry sun-kissed blackberry with black cherry, roasted herbs, and a hint of smoke reminiscent of Southern French blends of Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre.

Peli Peli recommends:

Doolhof Signatures of Doolhof Single Vineyard Collection | Full-bodied

and vibrant with soft, juicy tannins