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It was a magical day at MD Anderson Cancer Center as teen patients were fitted for prom attire.

“I’m so excited” says Ahsley who chose a bedazzled peach dress.

“There will be new kids there that I’ll get to meet. And we’re going to be dancing and busting it up on the dance floor.”

The project is a joint effort between MD Anderson and Marine Foods Express to bring a prom to the teens at MD Anderson Cancer Center.   There were over three hundred dresses for the kids to choose from and Al’s Formal Wear was on hand providing tuxedos.

‘It makes me feel excited like it makes me want to go more now.”  says Mario Quezada, who chose a sleek bow tie.

“I was kinda uncomfortable with it at first, but I want to go now actually.  I’m looking forward for the music.  I heard that there’s going to be good music there.  I’m not really much of a dancer but I do like to see people dance.”

The prom is being held this Saturday on the campus of MD Anderson.  And according to Ashley, it is definitely going to be some fancy footwork.

“I like Drake. ” says Ashley with a smile.

“He makes me want to dance a little.  I like Hotline Bling.”

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